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New Found Classes Tree

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New Found Classes Tree

Post by GameRoom on Tue Jul 09, 2013 10:16 am

Novice Transcendent Novice
Novice High Novice
First Class Transcendent First Class
Swordman Mage Archer Merchant Thief Acolyte High First Class
First Class Second Class (2-1) Second Class (2-2) Transcendent Second Class (2-1) Transcendent Second Class (2-2) Custom Classes (C-1/2)
Swordman Knight Crusader Lord Knight Paladin Lieutenant (Coming Soon...)
Mage Wizard Sage High Wizard Scholar Elementalist
Archer Hunter Bard/Dancer Sniper Minstrel/Gypsy Druid
Merchant Blacksmith Alchemist Mastersmith Biochemist Strategist
Thief Assassin Rogue Assassin Cross Stalker Executioner (Coming Soon...)
Acolyte Priest Monk High Priest Champion Devotionist
Expanded Classes
TaeKwon Kid Ninja Gunslinger Super Novice
Soul Linker TaeKwon Master Ordnance
Custom Classes
First Class Second Class (2-1) Second Class (2-2)
Sailor Pirate Captian Artillery Gunner
Elementalist Pyromancer/Aeromancer/Geomancer/Hydromancer Necromancer/Cyromancer/Electromancer/Flectomancer
Psychonaught Angel Demon
Berserker Warlord Slayer
Shaman Houngans/Mambos Witch Doctor
Viking Beast Tamer Titan
Lich Mesmer Pandemonist
Summoner Overlord Contractor
Jeweler Tinkerer Architect
Gambler Card Shark

Forbidden Classes
Fighter Calculator Dhampir Spirit Time Mage
Mastered Fighter Mastered Calculator Mastered Dhampir Mastered Spirit Mastered Time Mage
Heroic Fighter Heroic Calculator Heroic Dhampir Heroic Spirit Heroic Time Mage
Abyssal Fighter Abyssal Calculator Abyssal Dhampir Abyssal Spirit Abyssal Time Mage

Divine Classes
Nymaane Scion Souleater Defender
Void Mage Spear Adept Coming Soon... Coming Soon...

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